The Top 20 Baby Names Of The Decade

Naming your first born child is one of the toughest decisions many people will ever have to make. There are so many factors to think about — what sounds nice, what will age well, which ones could potentially lead to embarrassing nicknames or teasing. Most parents put hours of thought into picking a moniker for their little offspring

Of course, it’s impossible to predict what names will still be considered attractive decades from now. The lists of the top twenty girls’ and boys’ names of the 2010s are out, and some of them are not what people expected. Let’s start with the girls…

20. Grace: Any girl called Grace will turn out with a sunny disposition and excellent table manners. It’s also a very pleasant sounding name. What’s not to like?

Jackson: Starting off the list at number twenty is Jackson, a handsome name with a bit of country flair and a lot of promise. Maybe you’ll have the next Jackson Pollock on your hands.

19. Addison: We like this one because it’s a little old-fashioned, but still stylish enough to be trendy. Also, think of all the cute nicknames: Addy, Sonny, etc.


Lucas: If you’re a Star Wars nut, it might not be a bad idea to consider Lucas as a name for your baby boy. There are worse ways of honoring the famous George Lucas, filmmaker behind the iconic franchise.

18. Harper: This baby girl’s name is simple yet sweet, and can also refer to an individual who plays that angelic stringed instrument, the harp.


Joseph: This classic name doesn’t only sound nice to the ears, but it also has heavy religious significance given that a man named Joseph played a huge role in the Book of Genesis.

17. Sofia: This alternative spelling of Sophia is of Greek origin and actually comes from the word for “wisdom.” Sounds good and means the baby will be smart! We’ll take it.

David: David is a classic and beautiful name, and there’s no shortage of cultural references to connect it to. From the tanned and glistening David Hasselhoff, to the shepherd turned king of the Jews, David is a name with history behind it.

16. Avery: Avery is one of those special names that could be used for any baby regardless of gender, but even so it didn’t make the top twenty for boys. It means…wait for it…Elf King.

Matthew: Matthew is another name with a lot of rich significance. Not only was he one of Jesus’s twelve apostles, but the name itself means “gift from God.” Can’t go wrong there.

15. Evelyn: Evelyn is a name that surged to popularity in the early 1900s, and never really left its place in the top 50. Class is timeless!

Logan: Interestingly enough, the name Logan means “hollow” and is a name of Scottish origin that can be given to either boys or girls. Clearly in the US it’s more popular with the former, however.

14. Ella: It’s cute, it’s short, it’s easy to pronounce, and your baby will have the same moniker as famously talented Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. This one is a winner.

Jayden: Jayden is cute, creative, and a great name to bestow upon your first born child. Although there are different variations of how to spell the moniker, they all mean “thankful one.”

13. Chloe: This vaguely French-sounding name doesn’t actually hail from France, but rather Greece. It means “blooming” or “fertility” and was one of the goddess Demeter’s many aliases.

Aiden: Aiden is another cutie. It’s laid back, dignified, and classic. Name your child Aiden, and he will have an amazing life, guaranteed. Careful though, as this comes from the word for “fiery one.”

12. Amelia: Hopefully your child won’t befall the same fate as the mysteriously disappeared aviator if given this moniker. Just tell them they might want to stay away from small planes.

Benjamin: This one’s truly iconic, whether you’re old fashioned or ahead of the curve. Benjamin is a name with class and character, not to mention its relation to the hundred dollar bill.

YouTube – Golden Touch

11. Elizabeth: If your little baby is anything like the famed Queen of England, then she’ll be tough, composed, and extremely — extremely — rich. Plus, she can always decide to go by something shorter like Liz or Beth.

Daniel: While the name Daniel has been around for an awfully long time, it somehow never goes out of style. Another plus is that if your kid ever gets tired of it, they can always opt to shorten it to Dan or Danny.

10. Charlotte: Here’s another royal entry that made the list, this time the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s young daughter. She’s super cute and your baby will be too!

Elijah: Clearly biblical names won out big in this decade’s top names list, and Elijah is no exception. Elijah was a Hebrew prophet and miracle worker, making the name all the more meaningful.

9. Madison: It’s an avenue in Manhattan, it’s the capital of Wisconsin, and it’s a beautiful name for a baby girl. Anyone given the name Madison will surely dominate everyone and everything they come into contact with.

James: Yes, James was the name of the strange little boy with the weird aunts who lived inside of a giant peach, but that’s not the only thing that makes this name special. James is also James Franco’s first name. Cool!

8. Emily: Emily is such a classic name, and almost everybody knows someone with the title. And aren’t they usually the best? If they’re actually the worst, then don’t sweat it. Your baby will be the superior Emily.

Alexander: Alexander is a name that truly has a large legacy to live up to. From Alexander the Great to Alexander Skaarsgard, there’s an impressive amount of people with this name who have done great things.

7. Abigail: Okay first off just take a second to look at how incredibly adorable Abigail Breslin was in Little Miss Sunshine. That tummy, that ponytail! Also, Abigail is the 7th most popular girl’s name of the decade.

Little Miss Sunshine

Michael: Michael, Michael, Michael. What a name. It’s another one of Hebrew origin, and its meaning asks the rhetorical question “Who is God?” The answer? No one. Besides Michael, maybe.

6. Mia: Three letters, two syllables, yet such an elegant and poetic name. Talk about saying a lot with a little! Name your child Mia, and you won’t regret it.

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Ethan: Ethan is a name that is versatile, handsome, and obviously trendy. If Ethan were an animal he would be an eagle, because he’s just that classic. Do your son a favor and name him Ethan. Please.

5. Ava: Here’s another short and sweet one. Ava was first popularized as a girl’s name in the middle of the century by actress Ava Gardener, who rose to fame after her breakout performance in The Killers.

William: This name has an especially strong meaning behind it. It means “resolute protector” and is originally of English origin. In fact, it’s so English that Prince Charles’ own son has the name.

4. Isabella: Woah, four syllables. That’s a bold choice for a bold girl. This isn’t your average Isabel, or even Bella. A girl named Isabella will be destined to do great things.

Mason: Anyone named Mason is bound to do amazing things for the world — and he might even change it! Mason means “one who works with stone,” and it is the fourth most popular boy’s name of the decade.

3. Olivia: This name spiked in popularity during the 1990s and then stayed close to the top for the next few decades. With good reason, too! Olivia is not only pretty, but it’s derived from the word for “olive tree.”

Jacob: Now we’re in the top three! Jacob is an especially handsome name, and clearly many Americans agree given that millions were named it throughout the decade. Edward can go home.

2. Sophia: This number two choice is not a name to be given lightly. It has a rich history, including being the same name as Italian cultural icon and actress Sophia Loren. Make her proud.

Liam: Liam can be a shortened version of William, but it also can stand on its own! The second most popular boy’s name of the decade is the same one given to famous actors such as Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth.


1. Emma: And last but certainly not least, Emma! This name tops off our list and was the most popular name bestowed on baby girls during the last decade.

New York Post

Noah: And finally, to top off our list for the boys, is the ultra chic and incredibly popular boy’s name, Noah. Clearly this one has Biblical origins as well, but you definitely don’t need to be religious to appreciate the name.

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