Here Are 20 Photos Of The Most Hilarious Wedding Day Fails Of All Time

These days, people have extravagant “reveals” and photo shoots for every wedding and baby-related event. But whether you succumb to a stunt involving pink or blue powder cannons and bundles of balloons, or wedding photos that are organized more meticulously than a British Royal Family event, not everything always goes as planned.

The good news is, when these wedding mishaps, pranks, and blunders do happen, there are usually plenty of cameras around to capture the moment. So while these hilarious wedding day fails weren’t what the bride and groom planned for, we’re sure they’ll be happy to have the scenes forever memorialized in these authentic and charming snapshots.

1. You can pick your friends, you can pick your wedgie, but you can’t pick your friend’s wedgie; that’s how the saying goes, right? Hey, sometimes you just gotta pick it, even while attending a black tie event.

2. This might as well be a screenshot from some corny Subaru commercial. Anyone have Tide to Go? Surely, any dog lover would expect this in some way.

3. There’s a lot to take in here… and we don’t fully understand any of it. It looks like the bride’s quirky Uncle Jerry had one too many drinks, considering he broke out the accordion.

4. We’re sure this beautiful bride will be face-palming and muttering the words “honey, you’re embarrassing me” for several decades to come.

5. If we were living in an alternate dimension, this would be a snapshot from Paul Dano’s and Britney Spears’ wedding (the resemblance is uncanny). Aside from that, this photo is very melodramatic.

6. Who says a bride can’t do a keg stand at her own wedding? Some things never change; she spent four years at college practicing for this very moment!

7. Ah, that moment when you’re so in love that you don’t even notice when your mangey pug attempts to eat your $200 bouquet. What a magical moment.

8. Chaos, pure chaos. We’re sure the photographer behind the lens must’ve been giggling while snapping loads of photos of this utter dumpster fire. C’mon, who doesn’t love a candid photo?

9. Buster! Really, you couldn’t hold it? This good boy just wanted to commemorate the beautiful moment via a nice healthy dump, but his family didn’t exactly see it the same way.

10. See, the problem with having your wedding photos taken at a nude beach is kind of obvious. We’re sure someone was able to put their Photoshop skills to good use and edit this naked dude out… or maybe he was edited in.

11. Okay, now this wedding looks like a good time! Everyone is elated and sweaty from going so hard on the dance floor… and, oh yeah, the bride is vomiting up some acid-green shot. She’s living it up!

12. Hmm, the soles of his shoes say “HELP.” Haha, get it? Because he’s stuck with her forever! Ahem, maybe he should think twice about marriage if his first instinct is to beg for assistance.

13. Well, that’s one way to learn about the female anatomy. This curious little rascal likely surpassed the “girls have cooties” phase.

14. This bride looks like the most elegant floating cupcake we’ve ever seen! Though, we’re sure she’s peeved that her uber-expensive Christian Louboutins didn’t make it in the photo.

15. We don’t know how to tell you this, but you’ve got, um— your dresses are tucked in your panties! There’s no other way to put it. Unless… is this some new sort of fashion trend?

16. We’ve heard of the “Painted Ladies,” but this is a whole ‘nother ball game. Well, “formfitting” attire is definitely a look! At least nobody had to rent a tuxedo.

17. “Hold on one second, hon, I’m live tweeting our wedding.” And hey, who needs a purse when you’ve got, er, a rack.

18. We think this melancholy little guy is going to need some time to get used to the idea of having a new stepmom and two new stepsisters. The poor thing has likely seen Cinderella one too many times.

19. Though weddings are often dusted with unanticipated, unflattering, and uncontrollable moments, they often abound with cute moments as well, which sometimes involve furry, four-legged friends.

20. When the priest said the “speak now or forever hold your peace” line, he wasn’t actually asking for barked objections, Buster. Though, they do say dogs love us more than we will ever know…

Wedding Wire

21. The caterers forgot to set up a third place setting at the sweetheart table, so these three lovebirds had to improvise. Next, they let him cut the cake, a messy affair given that he had no opposable thumbs.

Wedding Wire

22. Since these two donkeys were in attendance, no one had to worry about being labeled the reception’s biggest… well, you know. Here’s hoping neither the bride nor the groom got kicked during this photo shoot.

Wedding Wire

23. Carrying the rings calls for a dependable guy, and no one has ever looked so focused. Sand, sleet, or snow, that handsome boy would paw through it all for mom and dad. Here’s hoping he was properly rewarded with a treat!

24. “Okay, let’s get married on three. One..two…” All paws in for gathering together in the name of love. This photographer had a creative take on the traditional ring shot!


25. Fancy with a capital F for this fine fluffy fellow. A well-dressed pooch can absolutely be incorporated into a formal ceremony, and this trio pulled it off flawlessly. And to think, that pooch was worried the hat made his head look small.

Stacy Able

26. An elephant never forgets, so they would surely cherish an invite to any wedding ceremony. On the same token, the guests will always remember the pachyderm in the room. There better be enough food available at the reception!

Lauren Peele Photography

27. Wagons: for when your ring bearer is easily distracted. Smiling big for pictures was a strength for the peanut-sized Yorkie, but sneaking off with the rings, not so much.


28. Dogs are a dime a dozen walking down the aisle, but cats can hang too. This curvy guy slapped on a bow tie for the church and played it cool so his parents could have their moment in the spotlight.


29. “Florals? For a wedding? Groundbreaking.” This lazy pup could barely contain his eye roll, but clearly, he loved the attention. They probably told him he could eat his wreath when the ceremony was over.


30. You can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your ring bearer, and this couple chose… a llama. It’s a quirky idea, but the llama looks more polite than half the dogs on this list.

31. The kids can’t contain their smiles for mom and dad’s big day. Well, these sweet doggies might not actually know what a wedding is, but everyone is smelling nice, very happy, and generous with the pets — a great day indeed.


32. The standard “bride, groom, and baby” snuggle snapshot is a classic for a reason — it’s so darn cute. Expert tip: it works best if your dog has expressive eyebrows and very, very soft looking ears.

Wedding Wire

33. Instead of waiting for your fidgety fur pal to pose for a picture, reverse the roles and have them do the camera leg work. Guaranteed the ceremony will look totally different from the puppy’s perspective.

Wedding Wire

34. “Mom, who the heck are all my new friends?” Receptions are a time to let loose and celebrate, and who makes people more comfortable than their dogs?

Give It Love

35. Wasn’t that wedding a hoot? The owl had something to do with it, but he can’t take all the credit. The couple of honor winged it when they included an exotic animal in their photos but for uniqueness’ sake. And it paid off!

Love Me Do Photography

36. Not everyone can be present for the nuptials, though based on how well behaved these cats are posing for their pictures, they could’ve occupied a quiet table in the back with the out-of-town cousins.


37. To ensure you make it down the aisle, have your furry pal escort you along the way. But do take them for a potty walk first to avoid any accidents. Pee breaks halfway down the aisle? So unchic.

Wedding Wire

38. Nothing cute here, just some tough guys acting like men. Certainly, a loyal dog sweetheart isn’t breaking any hearts. No, you’re crying! Most humans could take a page from this doggo’s book on how to look elegant at any gathering.

Wedding Wire

39. Someone knows they’re breathtaking, and they are leaning into it! How the guests at this wedding had eyes for anyone but this floppy-suited rascal is a true mystery. The bride was probably jealous!

Wedding Wire

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