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20 Wild Treehouses People Actually Stay In

Remember being a child and thinking that treehouses were the coolest things in the world? Maybe you even had one in your backyard and you and your friends created a secret password for people to enter. Happily, treehouse fun isn’t just reserved for kids; adult treehouses are very much a thing, and we’ve collected some of the most incredible examples from around the globe. Get ready to rediscover that childhood sense of wonder, and if you want, why not even book to stay the night?

1. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden 

The Treehotel can be found in Harads, a tiny Swedish town with only 600 inhabitants. It was created by Snøhetta, an architectural team based in Norway. And it offers superlative views of the Lule River and the Lapland wilderness, particularly the recently-added seventh room, which stands 33 feet above ground level. 

Cozy netted terrace

At just 200 square feet each, the rooms — which also boast Japanese-style floor-embedded beds, Scandinavian furniture, and pellet stove — might not be technically spacious. But windows of the floor-to-ceiling variety make them feel bigger than they are. There's even a cozy netted terrace nestled among the pine trees, if you fancy sleeping under the stars.  

2. The Hemloft, British Columbia, Canada

The Hemloft in the British-Columbian municipality of Whistler has quite the backstory. It was inspired by “sport sleeping,” a game conjured up by two builders where the aim is to discover the most obscure place to rest your head for the night. It’s safe to say that having constructed his very own egg-shaped forest hut, Joel Allen won hands down.  

Acquired and dismantled

Allen was able to pull off such an ambitious project with the help of freebies he found online worth more than $10,000. He was also assisted by a woman that he’d later go on to marry! Sadly, The Hemloft isn’t available to spend a night in. It was built on government land and in 2013 was acquired and dismantled by Canadian Wilderness Adventures.