20 Security Fails That Are So Misguided They’re Almost Genius

Whether it’s locking up your bike when you run into a store or making sure your front door is closed and bolted whenever you leave your house, keeping your belongings safe and secure is important. After all, you don’t want a reason to invite burglars into your home—and replacing stolen items is expensive!

Not every method is effective, of course. But, sometimes, it’s the people who install said safety measures who are the ones that fail in a major way. You might argue that any level of security is better than none, but after you see these 20 security fails, our guess is you’ll be rethinking that stance entirely!

1. Looks like no one at this office is concerned with unannounced visitors getting into this door. Hopefully a security guard is sitting on the opposite side, or else this place is just begging for unwanted intruders.

2. Why did the person who installed this electronic gate think it wasn’t necessary to include a fence or even a small hut with a guard? At least plant some bushes along the path so cars can’t simply cut around the gate with such ease!

3. Who exactly does this snoozing security guard think he’s tricking? This guy needs to get more sleep at night, because if there is an actual emergency, Johnny Cardboard-Cutout isn’t going to be much help.

4. This had to have been a joke, and hopefully whoever drew the picture of the lock doesn’t actually have anything of value in their cabinets. All it would take is a light tug from anyone, and this “security” system would come undone.

5. The people who want all the merchandise inside this store to stay safe better hope that every single person with sticky fingers who walks by is illiterate. Otherwise, the employees will show up for work one day, and everything will be long gone.

6. Most people try to prevent their cars from getting stolen by using a mechanism on the steering wheels or getting a loud car alarm installed. Apparently, this person just wanted to make sure his doors weren’t mischievously opened.

7. They should at least paint the duct tape that’s holding this ATM closed so people don’t immediately realize they can walk right up and take all the cash from this machine. Maybe it’s a secret trap to lure thieves?

8. This person has the right idea… well, kind of. At least they’re trying to prevent their car from being stolen, but in truth, those chains wold probably snap as soon as the vehicle’s wheels started putting pressure on them.

9. “Hang on one second while I secure my bicycle to the very thin and movable leg of this sign.” This person should not be surprised if they come out of the store and realize they’re going to be walking home.

10. One look at this security blunder makes you wonder if the owner of this locker knows they need a device with a combination or a key. All it takes is a simple press of the silver safety bar to steal everything inside.

11. This driver took their car security to the extreme! What’s funny is that this Toyota Corolla hatchback isn’t exactly the kind of vehicle that needs so much protection. They should keep the chains at home until they show up in a Porsche.

12. Are people actually supposed to stop and wait in line behind this lonely turnstile when they can clearly walk right past it? No security badges or identification required to get past this “fool-proof” protection, huh?

13. Any seeing person can clearly tell these people don’t really care too much about their home security. The gate seems like it’s more for looks, but even if it is, it’s a bizarre-looking decoration to have in a front yard.

14. This guy better always remember to lock his gate when he leaves just in case someone tries to break in while simultaneously not realizing they can simply walk around to the other side in less than one second.

15. Here’s another car owner who thought they found a surefire way to prevent people from hopping into the driver’s seat and speeding off. They’d better not forget the chain is attached when they drive away, or they’ll be picking up pieces of their bumper off the road.

16. This might be the silliest attempt at keeping this moped safe from thieves. At least the owner can take comfort in the fact that if someone did remove the chain from the metal stud, the front wheel still wouldn’t spin.

17. Guess which four numbers make up the code to get into this door? Here’s a hint: they’re the ones that are scratched off. Someone needs to change this code every once in a while or else they might have to replace a whole lot of their belongings at some point!

18. It doesn’t seem like this person knows how drawers work. As you can see, all it takes is removing the drawer above the locked one to gain complete access to the bottom one. Brilliant.

19. Unless the person trying to break into this gate is incapable of walking, they can simply hop right over the metal railing on the side. Hopefully this place has security cameras, because the residents might be seeing a lot of unwelcome visitors.

20. Anyone with the ability to lift 15 pounds could steal this piece of rolling merchandise. It almost seems like whoever owns this bike is trying to entice someone to steal it so they have an excuse to get a new one.

No one deserves to have their stuff stolen. Still, some of these people seem like they’re asking for it, don’t they?

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