40 First Date Stories That Might Make Us Swear Off Romance Forever

There’s nothing like those fuzzy first-date feels. As you wait for the other person to arrive, butterflies flutter in your stomach, your heart beats a little bit faster, and your palms begin to get a little clammy. Could they be, you know, the one? Well, for these unlucky folks, the answer turned out to be a solid no. Their first-date horror stories are enough to make even the most optimistic singletons swear they'll never date again.

No table manners

"I met up with an OkCupid guy at a local BBQ place. During dinner, he ate ribs while chewing with his mouth open, wiped the BBQ sauce from his hands onto his white tank and pants, tried to feed me by hand, and only talked about the gym and his mother, who he FACETIMED ON OUR DATE to introduce me." — candacea4271c944b / BuzzFeed

Beats per minute

"When I was studying abroad, my roommates set me up on a date. He decided to go to the cinema, and when I met him he kept touching his neck and looking at his watch. I thought, 'God, he must be bored already.' He kept doing this the whole way through the film, so when we came out of the film I just straight out asked him what the deal was with the watch checking…

He told me he'd been checking his pulse to see how aroused I was making him to see if he was attracted to me. OH! BUT WAIT— he then handed me a note with a list of reasons why he liked me, including 'You make my heart beat on average of 130bpm when I'm around you." — Jeanna D. / Men's Health

Flatulence issues

"The girl kept farting the entire time we were playing mini-golf. Not stinky ones — more vocal. I didn't think of it at first, but I noticed she was using the putter as a cane and tapping it hard on the ground when she farted. Weird way to cover it up. The taps were like half a second, and the farts were like three seconds. The date ended after the game." — yankstraveler / BuzzFeed

Smile and wave

"I was on a first date with a guy who worked at my bank. We were both musicians and went to a fun dive. It was a good time. Then, abruptly, he said, 'Let's go grab some fresh air.' We stood outside the bar, and a car with a couple girls in it slowly drove right by us. He did this big, over-exaggerated wave. I asked if he knew them, and he said, 'Yeah, it's my ex and her friend. I told her to come by so she'd see me with you.' Seriously?"—litflonkerton / BuzzFeed